We're bringing it back to the basics. But don't mistake basics for boring. Take a dive into candy colored jewels featured in the most pure, beautiful way. Subtle milgrain texture, hand made delicate shanks, and of course, tons of sparkle. Dive into the new JKD collection and fall in love.

Thoughtful design and quality craftsmanship. We create meaningful jewelry with a soul.

Bridal Collection

One of our great joys is to play a small part in the birth of partnerships that bind us. Our design aesthetic reflects the diversity of Los Angeles and to celebrate this diversity, we offer a wide range of unique engagement rings and wedding bands.

Our Process

Jennie meticulously designs each piece with a clear and poetic voice. We take pride in having all of our pieces handmade by a small team of craftsmen in downtown Los Angeles- each piece is uniquely made for you. All of the stones we use are ethically sourced and conflict free, and our pieces are made of fair-mined and fair-trade gold.

A native of Los Angeles, Jennie’s designs reflect the art, natural beauty and style that surrounds her. Each piece is meticulously designed to be graceful, balanced and wearable, with unforgettably unique accents.